Advanced plans

For those looking for:

  • Fully fleshed out plans, that advise you on plant choice, material selection and approximate costs



  • 1 hour meeting at garden site
    • Discussion about what you want and identify your wants and needs (Please see 1st Meeting Questions for types of questions you will be asked)
    • Photos taken
    • You will be advised if extra costs are likely (surveyors, engineers, etc.)
    • Discussion on if you as the client and I as the designer are happy to continue with the process
    • Mapping of your block, if you have copies of block plans or house plans (that show the dimensions of your block and house), a copy of these would expedite the process
  • 1 week - 3 plans drawn (see Images on this page for examples)
  • 1 hour meeting to present plans and discuss changes and which plan you would like to see advanced
  • 2 weeks - Changes to chosen plan made, planting schemes completed, hardscaping materials chosen
  • Invoice issued
  • 30 minute meeting to present plans
  • Payment required before plans are handed over
  • Approximate Total Time: 3-5 weeks (All times are approximations and will be affected by the complexity of the design and external matters such as the use of surveyors)


Possible Costs:

  • Travel Costs will be added if you live more than 150km away from Ballarat. Please see Travel Costs page for more information


Optional Extras:

  • 3D Plans (an emailed copy of your plans that are fully 3D)
  • 3D Print (a 3D printed copy of your chosen design)
  • Printed Plan (a professionally printed paper copy of your design)