This is a private garden, which the client (who has little building experience) will be building himself, with advice from me.

The Brief: The client has beautiful views out the back and thus wanted an uninterrupted view in that direction, therefore the majority of plants in that direction are to be ground covers. The design needed to work in with pre-built areas such as the deck and some paths. Screens have been created to cover items such as the water tank and external bad views, such as the neighbour’s garage. He wanted his own supply of fruit and vegies, thus a small vegie garden is to be created with room for climbers. The block is triangle shape and the client requested straight lines in his garden, therefore the base design of the garden beds is very angular.

He has received base plans, plus a planting plan and materials plan.


Front garden almost complete, just some dirt required to fill the level of a pre-existing garden bed, a little bit of tidying up and possible replacement of plants that die (this is a necessary evil with all gardens).

Some back yard garden beds completed and screens completed. Some vines planted and ordering of plants for completed garden beds currently in process. Large dirt pile to be removed soon so that the rest of the garden beds can be completed. 

To view front yard images please click here.

To view back yard images please click here.