What i do



Provide professional advice on all aspects of garden design.

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Simple Plans

Provide a variety of basic plans to start you on your own garden creation adventure.

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Advanced Plans

Provide fully developed 2D or 3D designs, including choice of plants and materials. 

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Complete Design Service

Provide plans, plus work with the chosen contractors to see the design implemented from start to finish.

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Recent work

  • Recent Work 1

    Home Garden, the client requested clean straight lines and unrestricted views from the rear of the house. Due to the triangular shape of the block, regular use of triangles can be seen throughout the garden. This is a self build project currently under construction. 

  • Proposed Design 1

    Home Garden, this is a modern house with a small yard. The design aims to provide a relaxing place to enjoy some peace and quite.

  • Proposed Design 2

    Home Garden, this home is set on a large farm block, with sweeping views of the surrounding country side. The aim of this design is to maximise the views whilst providing some protection from strong winds.


back yard 2

Current self-build work being done for Recent Work 1